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Thursday, January 27, 2011


Mari Mari

I love your pictures! Can I 'steal' one of beautiful your geisha pics? :P

Fashion Trends

All those pictures are fabelous,she look so pretty in all the post Ofcourse the flower dress so beautifull!!! www.vivamagonline.com All her outfits are wonderfully designed,Obama's make such a stunning couple..

Nike Air Jordan

I love Michelle Obama. How lucky are we to have such an elegant and classy First Lady? The days of Jackie O. are long gone, but I really think Michelle Obama is our generations Jackie. She exudes such grace to me. I love her style.


She is absolutely gorgeous and it comes from her insides as well as her stylish clothes, which I love. Not to be unpleasant but I think it is racism that she is not more feted.

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